Q: Are PenBlades replaceable? 

A: No, because we focus on creating a safer product we do not allow for PenBlades to be replaced. Many injuries occur when switching blades out. We have eliminated that process and instead we offer a high quality stainless steel blade that will be more reliable than a standard Carbon steel blade. 

Q: What is the difference between your stainless steel blade and a traditional carbon steel blade? 

A: Stainless steel is a more durable metal, it is less malleable than carbon. The result? A blade that won't break, and will stay sharper longer. 

Q: Why do PenBlades look so much like a surgical scalpel? 

A: PenBlades are surgical scalpels, but they also can be used for many different things! So, we can promise a precise cut with the durability of a surgical grade product, yet the versatility of a multi-purpose craft and hobby knife.